The LA Field Guide is a logbook of what gets me outdoors in this city. Stories, musings, and places off the beaten path that make Los Angeles feel a little more wild.


When I moved to Los Angeles in 2011, I quickly realized I wouldn’t last a month if I didn’t figure out how to get outside.

But how to get outside in a city famous for cars, concrete, and freeways? I started heading for the hills and was surprised to find there are tons of outdoor adventures around LA if you’re willing to go looking for them.

I hope you find something you can add to your own logbook in whatever concrete sprawl you call home.


Hey, I’m Aaron. I am a writer and documentary filmmaker who has a life goal to spend more time in the mountains than in meetings.


Los Angeles is huge, more like a collection of a dozen cities than a single locale. I treat the East side and Angeles Crest like my backyard, but I also get out for a change of scenery as often as I can.

This year, I’m using the 2023 LAFG Bucket List as a general roadmap.

LA Field Guide
The 2023 LA Field Guide Bucket List
In no particular order, here are 52 adventures for 52 weeks.Join the LA Field Guide! Subscribe for free to keep up on the wild side of Los Angeles…
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What gets me outdoors in a city famous for cars, concrete, and freeways.


Learning how to be a happy camper.